Art of Gracefully Growing Old

The Art of Gracefully Growing Older

Paulette Stewart Information 4 Comments

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old,

You grow old because you stopped laughing.

Michael Pritchard


It seems to me that one of the things that some people joke about most in life is aging (I know I do, because I am there). One way we do this is by explaining to children how it was in “my day.”

All of us have heard:

• In my day I walked to school up hill – both ways, or
• In my day I walked to school in 2 feet of snow with cardboard in the bottom of my shoe, or
• In my day all 12 of the children in our family slept in the same bed and took turns using one pillow.

We also joke about our increasing age with the ever popular, “you know you’re old if…….”

• If most of your dreams are re-runs, or
• If your knees buckle but your belt won’t, or
• If you try to straighten the wrinkles in your socks and you find you aren’t wearing any or
• If you say over what hill? Where? When? I don’t remember any hill!

Like it or not, we all are growing older….all of us age!

Cosmeticians have built multimillion dollar businesses telling people how to do it. (I am one of their examples that didn’t work.) Exercise enthusiasts have sold millions of dollars’ worth of books and equipment, showing people how to do it. (I am one of their examples that didn’t work.) Health food manufacturers have built huge businesses producing special foods that promise it. (I am one of their examples that didn’t work – food was horrible.) Genetic scientists are researching ways to prevent aging. (Maybe this one will work for me.)

But aging still happens and since it is coming and there is no avoiding it, what can we do to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of old age?

1. We need to realize that this battle of AGING is not just a matter of good arteries, but of having a good, Godly attitude.
2. The greatest achievements of our lives don’t have to be limited to our younger days.
3. Your retirement is only from your “job” not your journey.
4. We need to realize that how you finish your journey is more important than how you started it.

How something ends is crucial. People tend to remember how someone finishes their life better than remembering how they lived their lives up to that point.

So embrace your “life of aging.” Do it with excellence! AND remember, it is never too late to make your life count.

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  1. Cornelia Brown

    I am failing miserably at growing old gracefully ……… need weekly counseling with you….oh well let us just laugh the whole thing of!!!! Or sing the song Senior moments!!!!! lol lol

  2. Colleen bussard

    Hi Dr. P! Love and miss you! I agree with what you wrote. Sometimes it is hard growing older because you miss the younger you. I struggle with the idea of wrinkles and sagging skin. Want to prevent it from happening! I tell my self just be the best you that you can be at every age and every stage of life. I want to finish well and that is something I’m striving to do. It is of the upmost importance to me. Thank you for your article and I think your magazine is wonderful!

  3. Chi Chi

    Great post, Dr. P! Being old can also be a state of mind. The best thing to do is to value life. To live it abundantly and be a blessing to others! Keep up the awesome work : )

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