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On The Road Again

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 I love the song that Willie Nelson sings, “On the Road Again.”  That is exactly how I have felt lately.

I have been on the road a lot this summer…….conferences, speaking engagements, vacations, etc.  I have really enjoyed the summer.

The other day something happened that made me thankful that I know and trust my heavenly Father and know He watches over me, especially as I go along the highways. 

 As I was traveling down the highway and  following an 18-wheeler (well, no one wants to stay behind an 18-wheeler too long).  He was in the middle lane.  I decided to pull into the right hand lane for a while (I had read all the writings on the back of his truck, so I was bored).  As I pulled into the right lane, the car in front of me put on his blinker to exit the expressway; so, I put on my blinker and moved back into the middle lane.  As I did this, the car’s back tire came off the rim straight toward my car.  There was nothing there but his rim. His car started smoking. The tire was heading for the front of my car. (I have to tell you, this happened all in a matter of a few seconds.)  I didn’t even have time to look to see if there was a car in the far right lane.  I swerved just a little and the tire did not hit my car.  I looked in my rear-view mirror and I never saw the tire again.  All I knew to do was to start thanking my heavenly Father for watching over me because this could have really been bad.

As I traveled on up the road, I thought about how many times that I could have been in danger and didn’t even know it……..…but I was covered.  Please ask me what I was covered with……please!  Please tell me you want to know………. OK, I will tell you….. I was covered by the “Blood of the Lamb.”  Some people believe this and some don’t.  I am one of those that believe and that is why I live in such peace.

I trust the Lord in everything that I do…..I hope that you do.

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