Ladies of Grace International is an organization of women who are full of zeal, vitality, and excitement. They have a burning desire and passion for God and are ready and willing to obey all of His commands. They are joining together to help each other make a difference.  Women need to discover themselves.

Women have always played an important role in biblical history. They have inspired us throughout the centuries. There is a spiritual out pouring upon this generation, and more than ever before, it is time for women to step into their place to demonstrate and declare the power of God’s Word.

Women pastors are encouraged to stand with other women pastors who need encouragement because they are in the front lines forging the way for other women. Women pastors are banding together to become examples to our sisters in Christ.

Now is the time for a great ministry to break forth from the women, but we should never forget six main points summarized by Georgia Harkness in her book, “The Woman’s Pulpit:”

  1. We must maintain our femininity, never forgetting that we are women.
  2. We must be cooperative in spirit, working with men on all suitable occasions.
  3. We must trust our men friends (there are times when they can better speak for us than we can for ourselves).
  4. We must keep up with the times. Do not forget the lessons of history, but look to the future.
  5. We must choose our priorities. The gospel is more important than women’s rights.
  6. We must be faithful to our calling.