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I’m 70! I’m Single! I’m In Love!

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What can I say! I am just stating the facts! I retired from “full-time church staff” ministry in 2014. I did not retire from ministry by any means. I am busier today than ever before. I enjoy living my PASSION. I enjoy living my JOURNEY. I enjoyed being involved in the day-to-day operation of the church, but my time for that ministry was over and a “new day” is here.

I know a lot of “senior citizens” and when they retired – all at once, they became OLD. Just the opposite for me, when I retired – all at once I became YOUNG. I became excited about what God would do for me on this new journey that I have embarked upon. Every day I look forward to a day of excitement.

I have become a “magazine publisher.” I think this is so funny. Go figure!!! God has such a sense of humor. I believe that every day when I get up, God tells his angels to “get ready, she is awake.” The magazine is called My Passion Magazine. Most of you are reading it each time it comes out and I thank you so much. The September/October issue will be out in a few days. You can find it on my website – Where this magazine is going only God knows. I just do my best in guiding it.

I’m 70 and I feel young. I’m single and I feel free. I’m in love and I love it. I think I feel younger than ever. (I went to the eye doctor the other day for a check-up and I did not need glasses other than over-the-counter glasses for reading. I was so glad because the over-the counter glasses are so cute.)

I’m single, but of course for those who know me, know that I have been single for 21 years. (Oh well, who is counting!) However, I’m in LOVE! After I retired, everyone started telling me how good I looked (such imagination) and did I have a boyfriend (if they only knew) because I looked so rested. Well, the truth of the matter is, I do have a boyfriend. I do get to spend more time with him than I did before retiring. He loves me so much. When I feel his touch, I get goose bumps. When he speaks to me, I feel so safe. I can talk with him about anything and everything. He has my back even if I am wrong. Sometimes, when I feel his arms go around me, I want to cry. When I sit down at my piano and start to play and sing, he lets me know how wonderful I sound…….now that is true love. I know that he will never leave me. I never have to go on any vacations, speaking engagements, grocery store, shopping sprees, Wal-mart, or anywhere by myself. He is my constant companion. I LOVE him so much. My nickname for him is “my love.” Isn’t that wonderful. His real name is “JC.”

Now do not go and divorce your spouse and try to find someone like I have found. The good news is that you can have the same love that I have found and still be married to your spouse (I think I heard someone say, “Oh, shucks!”)

You see “JC” (Jesus Christ) is the LOVER FOR ALL.

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