I love my daughter

I Love My Daughter

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I Love My Daughter

This morning, I was listening to Joel Osteen speaking on how men should affirm their children (sons and daughters). They should show them love, affection, teach them the right and wrong ways of life, etc. etc. etc. It was an awesome lesson.

As I listen to him, I thought about my daughter and I wondered when was the last time I told her how proud I was of her. I do tell her quite often that I love her. So, since this is my blog, I can do and write whatever I want and I want to write my daughter a letter.

To my dear wonderful daughter!

Just in case I haven’t told you lately that I love you – I love you! Just in case I haven’t told you lately that I am very proud of you – I am very proud of you! Just in case I haven’t told you lately that you are my best and dearest friend – you are my best and dearest friend! In case I haven’t told you lately that you are the most beautiful woman in the world – I am saying that now! In case I haven’t told you lately that when you smile, it lights up the entire room – I am saying it now! In case I haven’t told you lately that I cherish your hugs and kisses – I am saying how much I cherish them. And if I haven’t told you lately that I so look forward to our Tuesday and Thursday evening chats – I am telling you now that they are the most important part of my day.

Sometimes, when I think that God doesn’t hear my prayers, I look at you and I see my miracle baby. After nine years of marriage, God answered my prayer for a child and He must have looked all over Heaven to find the most perfect baby and He sent me “you.” (I know that is not scriptural – but let me have my moment).

When you were so young, I was proud of you for taking a stand in what you believed. When you won beauty pageants, when you were approached to run for Miss Georgia, when the movie industry tried to recruit you, when your modeling career was going upward, you decided that this was not what you wanted in life. You wanted to become a minister’s wife and all of the non-glamourous things that come with it. I love your courage.

I am so proud to say that you are the most wonderful mother in the world. You are raising my three grandsons and they are turning out to be real men/boys of God. They are generous, talented and are really gentlemen.

And of course, I cannot forget that you picked the most wonderful man in the world to marry. He is a great father and a wonderful son-in-law (I hope I get a better Christmas present from him for saying this. I’m just kidding.) You made the right choice.

If Dad were still alive, he would also be so proud of you. You may have may have out grown me, but you have not out grown my heart. I am the lucky one.


Readers, if you have not told your children how much you love them or how proud you are of them, it is not too late to do so. So, pick up the phone, go to your email, send a letter by postage (that would be something different) or text them. Make their day!

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