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I’m 70! I’m Single! I’m In Love!

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What can I say! I am just stating the facts! I retired from “full-time church staff” ministry in 2014. I did not retire from ministry by any means. I am busier today than ever before. I enjoy living my PASSION. I enjoy living my JOURNEY. I enjoyed being involved in the day-to-day operation of the church, but my time for that ...
On the Road AGain

On The Road Again

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 I love the song that Willie Nelson sings, “On the Road Again.”  That is exactly how I have felt lately. I have been on the road a lot this summer…….conferences, speaking engagements, vacations, etc.  I have really enjoyed the summer. The other day something happened that made me thankful that I know and trust my heavenly Father and know He watches …

I love my daughter

I Love My Daughter

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I Love My Daughter This morning, I was listening to Joel Osteen speaking on how men should affirm their children (sons and daughters). They should show them love, affection, teach them the right and wrong ways of life, etc. etc. etc. It was an awesome lesson. As I listen to him, I thought about my daughter and I wondered when was …


What Is the Answer?

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What is the Answer? Have you ever prayed a prayer and did not get an answer?  That is a crazy question isn’t it.  I think this has happened to most of us (more than once, twice, etc. etc.) Have you ever heard someone pray and you wish that you could pray like that?  They seemed to know all of the right …

Dreams have no limits

Dreams Have No Age and No Limits!

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Dreams Have No Age and No Limits! Even though a little over a year ago I retired from my position as an Associate Pastor, I did not retire from the ministry nor from the dreams that are in me. I am busier than ever before, but in a different way. I have learned that everyone’s life will tell a story.  So, …


What Is Important About #36?

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In my blog a few weeks ago I told you of my landscaping adventures. Well, today is the sequel to that blog. Not only did I have major landscaping done in the area of scrubs and trees, I also needed some major sod (grass) in certain areas of my yard. I don’t have a truck, so I use the big trunk …

Dream Big - Blog 95

Dream Big!

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Dream Big I love the Spring, because I love to work in my yard and plant my flowers.  I just love being outside. This year I decided to do some extensive landscaping in my front yard.  So, I laid out a plan; talked with a landscaper to find out how much it would cost; saved my money first and then, called ...
Smiley face

It Doesn’t Take Much To Smile!

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It Doesn't Take Much To Smile!   Has anything ever happened to you that made you so thrilled and surprised that you just smiled all day?  Well, let me tell you what happened to me the other day! I teach a ladies Bible study every Wednesday morning at my home.  (By the way ladies, if any of you are interested in attending, please ...

Life is Like a Bouquet of Roses

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I am getting ready to start some major change of landscaping in my front yard. So therefore, I am having to remove some of my plants. I have 16 red knock-out rose bushes that have to be moved. So I thought, piece of cake! I can do this! Of course, it is harder than I thought it would be. My optimism ...
Griswolds vs Fockers

Griswolds Meet the Fockers

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My grandson, Robey, (to me, Prince Charming), was married this past week-end in Orlando, Florida. He married a girl that was more beautiful than Cinderella, Snow White, or any of the princesses in Disney World (which I did visit while there). God put a wonderful young lady in his life and her name was Dakota Padgett, but now she will be ...