Dr. Paulette has provided for many church leaders:

  1. Insight into time-tested strategies and tactics for improving results through exceptional leadership.
  2. How to develop and communicate your leadership vision and goals.
  3. What is the individual responsibilities as a leader?
  4. What makes a leader a better leader?
  5. How to inspire commitment and leadership development in others.

She “inspires” individuals to become leaders in this great mission for Christ.  She “equips” leaders to be productive and successful in their ministries.  She “teaches” leaders how to develop leaders.  She is a “leader’s leaders.”  She is an anointed teacher and a powerful woman of God.  Through her many years of teaching, she offers a level of expertise, along with a unique, fresh approach to the Gospel.  She challenges and stimulates your thinking to a new dimension in your relationship with God. Not only does she teach at conferences, encounter retreats, ladies groups, she will take all the time needed on the “one-on-one” teaching.  Dr. Paulette is a staunch believer in “it’s not about me, but it is all about the Kingdom of God.”  She will challenge and stimulate your thinking to a new dimension in your relationship with God. She is available for:

  • Conferences – she is a dynamic conference speaker, motivator, encourager,  and her hilarious sense of humor is always at its best.
  • Seminars – she has developed many, many seminars for men and women in the forms of leadership, children’s ministry, small groups, how to teach seminars and etc.
  • Special Events – she will bring to life any special event that you have and you will go away encouraged and excited.
  • Encounter Retreats – over the years, she has develop a very effective and unique way of teaching Encounter Retreats for men and women.
  • What is an Encounter Retreat ? - It is a retreat that will bring you face to face with the Cross of Jesus Christ.  You will establish an intimate relationship on your own through a series of experiences and personal teachings.  You will never be the same after an encounter because of the changes that will manifest in your life.